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After The 18th Century The Queen of Mountains Ooty was ruled by the British. Ooty the charming District of blue mountains was a part of deep Nilgiris, The Queen of Mountains though has housed many Kings & Dynasties, the place secured a separate recognition only under the British Administration.
In the earlier era, when the Summer times hit hard, the Britishers moved down to cooler places like Ooty. As the period crossed by, The Madras Presidency announced Ooty as the summertime vacation town.
Also, The Britishers always had a craving for Chocolates. Hence, they started to import Chocolates from the Foreign Lands - the European countries. In this way, chocolates were introduced in India. However, owing to the hot climatic conditions in India, the chocolates could not stay for a longer period of time and started to melt.
Mr.D.R.Davis got an idea of opening his own Chocolate factory & outlet in Ooty, as the Queen of mountains held the best climatic conditions. He named the Chocolate Factory & outlet as Davis Confectionaries. As time passed, Mr.Thambuswamy, learnt the trade from Mr.D.R.Davis, on the traditional British recipes, the art of mixing, cutting & carving of chocolates & the chocolate making process.
Mr.Thambuswamy went into the process of starting his own Chocolate Factory & outlet and named the same as The King Star High Class English Confectionary started in the year 1942, This Confectionary trade has been running in the family for decades now, generations after generations from the Son’s to Grandsons & now run by the Great Grand Children of the Thambuswamy Family.
King Star Chocolates now has around 40 varieties, new flavours of chocolates are been introduced every other day. Dark chocolate contains the least amount of added ingredients, milk chocolate has the least amount of cocoa liquor, and white chocolate contains the most flavouring, As ingredients are cooked together, the special rich creamy taste of King Star Chocolates is produced.
It was King Star that brought Ooty in the picture for the first time for its delicious home made chocolates. Back in 1942, it was the only place to sell home made chocolates, a speciality of Ooty now selling some of the most delectable varieties of chocolates. Tourists walking out of our place with a bag full of these chocolates from our age-old shops is never a rare sight.
In Ooty, we are the pioneers in homemade chocolate, Buying chocolates from King Star is synonymous with a visit to Ooty. We also stack a great set of fudges that include chocolate, pista & almond fudge. So remember to taste our yummy chocolates when you are next in Ooty.